Back in the Market

Top commercial real estate loan producers By Katie Kuehner-Hebert The trick to being a successful commercial real estate lender is knowing which customers can weather storms, staying clear of the riskier speculative ventures and being flexible on pricing and terms—but not underwriting. That’s what several of last year’s most-productive commercial real estate lenders report about […]

Beating the Odds

The industry’s top overall loan producers share the secrets to their success By Katie Kuehner-Hebert Superior lending success can involve many factors. Good fortune always helps, like operating in a resilient, robust local economy. Throughout the country, lending demand for community banks has varied depending on the state of recovery of their local economies since […]

Discarding the ‘Dirt’

Top commercial loan producers By Katie Kuehner-Hebert It takes particular expertise to have success in pure commercial lending. That’s because with such commercial lending—often referred to as commercial and industrial lending—a bank cannot rely on real estate collateral—or “dirt” as one lender quips—if the loan sours. While many community bank loan portfolios are heavily collateralized […]

Loans for Everyday People

Top retail consumer loan producers By James Richter The Great Recession has taken a toll on community banks and their customers alike. But community banks that don’t treat their customers merely as walking, talking credit scores are finding new opportunities in retail consumer lending. Perhaps one of the best examples of a community bank delving […]

Firsthand on the Farm

Top agricultural loan producers By Judith Sears Agriculture has been a bright spot in a struggling national economy for some years now, and some alert community banks are capitalizing on that vibrancy to amass healthy agricultural lending portfolios. Consider, for example, these three community banks: $75 million-asset First National Bank of Hope, Kan.; $49 million-asset […]

Driven to Lend

Top automobile loan producers By Karen Epper Hoffman Just like selling cars, selling auto loans is as much (if not more) about the relationships as the product itself. So it’s not surprising that community banking’s top auto lenders say that it’s their personal connection to dealers that boosts their business.

Taking the Initiative

Amy Engelberg | American National Bank | Oakland Park, Fla. Amy Engelberg brings energy and expertise to her community bank customers By Beth Mattson-Teig Amy Engelberg is not the type of lender who watches the grass grow. When she joined American National Bank in Oakland Park, Fla., two years ago, it did not take her […]

Taking Charge

Ed Gentry | Triumph Bank | Memphis, Tenn. Ed Gentry leads a commercial loan team to exceptional performance By Carol Patton William Chase Jr., president and CEO at Triumph Bank in Memphis, Tenn., recalls trying four times to hire Ed Gentry before the community bank first opened for business in 2006.

From the Ground Up

Lori Murray | American Riviera Bank | Santa Barbara, Calif. Creating new customer options, Lori Murray built a mortgage department from scratch By Howard Schneider Early last year, Lori Murray joined American Riviera Bank to develop a mortgage lending department from scratch. To get the department going, she did everything from selecting processing software to […]

Full-Service Lending

Allen Kramer | Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust | Phoenixville, Pa. On top of fostering teamwork, Allen Kramer generates results by going the extra mile By Susan Thomas Springer Providing superior customer service is an almost universal competitive edge for nearly all community banks, and that’s precisely the strategy Allen Kramer has used to achieve […]