Social Media Matters: What Is Social Success?

What Is Social Success? By Ann Chen Starting any type of marketing or communications campaign should include a measurement for success. But in a new space such as social media—what would those measurements be?

Socially Secure

The recent hacks into the official Twitter accounts of Burger King, Jeep and the Associated Press can make any social media manager wonder about the security of his or her own accounts. Yet, just as there is security technology for online banking, email and shopping, there are precautions you can take and guidelines you can […]

Social Media Is Trending

It’s not just a fad: Connecting online is here to stay By Ann Chen Every trend has a tipping point before it becomes mainstream. Some fashion fads—like leisure suits, bell-bottom jeans and Ugg boots—come and go. But the consistent trend in fashion is that everything trendy comes back in style eventually. When it comes to […]

Social Media Integration Checklist

By Ann Chen You’ve established your Facebook presence, sent your first tweet and posted your first video to YouTube. Now it’s time to get viewers and followers to engage with your social media channels, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Join the Buzz

With customers and even regulators turning their heads and opening their ears to social media, your community bank’s participation in the conversation should be a matter of when, not if By Collin Canright Your community bank may not be into social media just yet. But your customers certainly are. And now, even the regulators are […]

Social Media During Tragedies

By Ann Chen Whenever a crisis or tragedy happens, such as the Boston Marathon bombings, the social media world is lit up by thousands of tweets and minute-by-minute updates on the latest news. Many tweets and posts of condolences and prayers are offered by individuals. But how should companies respond to these events on social […]

Responding to Negative Posts on Social media

By Ann Chen It’s going to happen. If your community bank engages in social media, eventually someone will post a negative comment or criticism. Knowing how best to respond isn’t always clear. But if it happens, your community bank can fall back on some general guidelines to determine the best course of action. Here are […]

The Art of Tweeting

The short and concise manner of a tweet—140 characters of less—can either be the bane of your Twitter existence or a creative breath of fresh air. For those who are new to Twitter, there are several nuances and shortcuts that frequent users like to employ to fit their tweets into the limited space. 1. Shorten […]

The Image Boom

Social media professor William Ward of Syracuse University has tracked the evolution of electronic communications. First, blog posts arose as the earliest forms of social media communication. Later, blogs shortened to Facebook updates and Tumblr posts, which shrunk further to 140-character Tweets. Today, pictures posted to Instagram or Pinterest have become the most shared currency […]

10 Twitter Minutes a Day

Like most community bankers, you’re busy—I get it. But spending just 10 minutes a day on Twitter can dramatically expand your network and deepen existing relationships. Here’s how to get started: Follow interesting people: Spend a couple minutes a day perusing Twitter, searching for interesting people to follow. You can easily find suggestions via the […]