Responding to Negative Posts on Social media

By Ann Chen It’s going to happen. If your community bank engages in social media, eventually someone will post a negative comment or criticism. Knowing how best to respond isn’t always clear. But if it happens, your community bank can fall back on some general guidelines to determine the best course of action. Here are […]

The Art of Tweeting

The short and concise manner of a tweet—140 characters of less—can either be the bane of your Twitter existence or a creative breath of fresh air. For those who are new to Twitter, there are several nuances and shortcuts that frequent users like to employ to fit their tweets into the limited space. 1. Shorten […]

The Image Boom

Social media professor William Ward of Syracuse University has tracked the evolution of electronic communications. First, blog posts arose as the earliest forms of social media communication. Later, blogs shortened to Facebook updates and Tumblr posts, which shrunk further to 140-character Tweets. Today, pictures posted to Instagram or Pinterest have become the most shared currency […]

10 Twitter Minutes a Day

Like most community bankers, you’re busy—I get it. But spending just 10 minutes a day on Twitter can dramatically expand your network and deepen existing relationships. Here’s how to get started: Follow interesting people: Spend a couple minutes a day perusing Twitter, searching for interesting people to follow. You can easily find suggestions via the […]

Twitter Vocab and Tips

By Ann Chen Getting started on Twitter can be intimidating given all its nuanced vocabulary and culture. Yet, after this short introduction, you‘ll be ready to tweet away with confidence. Mentions (@): If you want to call out someone on Twitter by mentioning or replying to them, use the “@” symbol. The symbol automatically creates […]

Four Reasons To Be On Twitter

Your voice matters. As a community banker, Twitter can give you a platform to deliver a powerful message to a wide audience. This channel is a great place to share a human perspective on your bank and our industry. Consider using your Twitter account to highlight community events your bank is involved with or simply […]

Ask a Socia Media Guru – part II

  By Ann Chen This interview with Michelle Shangraw, senior vice president, retail banking director and social media coordinator with Mercantile Bank in Grand Rapids, Mich., is the second of two parts. Read the first part here. Q: What is Mercantile Bank’s most successful Facebook campaign? A: We were very happy with the success of […]

Ask a Social Media Guru – Part 1

The following is the first part of a two-part interview with Michelle Shangraw, senior vice president and retail banking director at Mercantile Bank in Grand Rapids, Mich. Q: Tell me a little bit about how Mercantile bank got started on Facebook. A: We started our Facebook page on March 8, 2009. It is a group […]

Measuring Facebook Beyond ‘Likes’

On Facebook, “Likes” are the first things your eyes see when you visit a page. Not surprisingly, then, increasing their number of Likes is both a priority for many users and a good measurement of their social media success. However, don’t put all your eggs in one Facebook basket. Likes are important for creating a […]

Drawing a Crowd (Facebook)

How three community banks are making a big impact and attracting fans on Facebook Facebook is an electronic bulletin board of ideas that updates as a streaming News Feed. In the last Social Media Matters column, I talked about Facebook basics and how to start engaging fans. In fact, one of the first questions that […]