Crack Card Issuers

Four principles of the top-producing credit card programs By Collin Canright Community banks with highest producing credit card lending programs keep cardholders close to home. They also tend to use their card programs as part of their overall relationship-building activities, in many cases offering simple, stripped-down programs that solidify their customer relationships and their community […]

Observing Overdrafts

CFPB study highlights differences in how banks administer overdraft protection programs By Viveca Y. Ware The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s highly anticipated June 2012 report on overdraft programs confirms what ICBA has been explaining for over a year: While there is universal value in offering consumers such programs, how those programs are administered varies greatly […]

Compliance Challenged?

ICBA MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS | Professional Development ICBA’s free online compliance training rides to the rescue By Judith Sears As many community banks scramble to keep up with increasing regulatory oversight, the need for compliance training—and the pressure on time and resources to provide it—has loomed larger. Recognizing this, ICBA this year began offering its members […]

Defining a Community Bank—Past and Present

After decades of transformative growth and change, relationship banking continues to distinguish community banks By Bill McDonald and Tim Cook Not really that long ago, nearly every bank in America was a Main Street community bank. And virtually every one was a locally owned and operated financial institution, where local bankers knew their customers and […]

The Other Central Bankers

While maintaining low profiles, ICBA leaders are playing an influential role for the nation’s economy as Federal Reserve Bank directors By Beth Mattson-Teig As Federal Reserve Board chairman, Ben Bernanke, like his predecessor, Alan Greenspan before him, is certainly the globally recognized face of the U.S. central banking system. Names such as Paul Mello, Megan […]

A One-Two Punch

ICBA MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS | Industry Advocacy Banding together, ICBA and state community banking associations are delivering a broad-based grassroots advocacy message to Congress By James Richter and Tim Cook It was a valuable opportunity, and a request from an influential lawmaker. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), the new ranking Democratic member on the U.S. House Financial […]

Giant Slayers

ICBA Membership Focus Lessons learned competing head to head in megabank hometowns By Tam Harbert Has your community bank ever sent Valentine’s Day cards? For the last two years, Carolina Premier Bank has sent them to the residents in its marketplace of Charlotte, N.C. Actually, the bank’s cards are more like anti-Valentine’s Day notes: The […]