Charles Potts: Growing small business banking

We live in unprecedented times, filled with new challenges and opportunities for small businesses. Fortunately, community banks have greater access than ever before to advanced solutions and technologies to meet those needs.

Creative banking for the community’s benefit

An educational nonprofit struggled to find a financial backer for a series of projects to help low- to moderate-income communities. When the need resonated with BankPlus, an unbreakable partnership was formed, with some financially unorthodox and, ultimately, successful outcomes.

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Charles Potts: Unlocking better customer connections

When assessing providers, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing solution. The beauty of innovation is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. Your marketing capabilities must fit your community bank and your customers.

Kimberly Kirk and Kathryn Murph

Small solutions, big results

A digital office solutions provider needed critical support with its daily processes in the wake of the pandemic. When major financial institutions proved ineffective, a Georgia community bank stepped up to the plate with its own accessible blend of virtual and tech resources.

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Charles Potts: Next-level collaboration

ICBA has a growing network of people and resources community banks can tap into as they continue their innovation journeys. The ThinkTECH Accelerator is one of several initiatives underway this year to foster community bank-enabled fintech partnerships.

Karl Falk, Greg Ohlendorf, and Tracy Fox

Finding inspiration in the community

Banks need to send sensitive documents all the time, but secure email is clunky. Greg Ohlendorf of First Community Bank and Trust worked with a partner to make that hassle a thing of the past.

Charles Potts: Challenging the status quo

ICBA has preached the importance of innovation, not as a project or something to silo inside a department but as an inclusive cultural and philosophical endeavor that should be part of an organization’s DNA.

Matthew Burch, Sharina Perry, and Jill Castilla of Citizens Bank of Edmond

Our first Innovation Conversation

Citizens Bank of Edmond evolves its innovation strategy by working with­—and for—its community partners. We spoke to two of its business customers for the first article in a new series.