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Tech Transformations

Tech Transformations

Cloud computing and the community bank IT managers By Kevin Paugh Information technology at community banks is in the midst of one of the biggest changes in the last 20 years. In the middle of this transformational change is the bank IT manager, who is charged with making sure the bank’s technology works, is secure, […]

App Your Service

Three community bankers sketch their steps in successfully developing and launching mobile banking apps By Tam Harbert It’s no secret that smartphones are widely used: Just look around. Statistics support our everyday observations. More than half of all Americans use a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center.

Traffic Report

Integrated teller and queue management systems that harness data for greater branch efficiencies By Jennifer J. Salopek Research has shown that branch transaction volumes have declined by 45 percent since 1992. Studies by Knowledge@Wharton, the industry research arm of the Wharton School of Business, have revealed that, as recently as 2011, 82 percent of consumers […]

Mobile Wallet Countdown

This banking and payments platform’s time will arrive—sooner or later By Nicole Swann This leaves community bankers to ponder when they should join the pursuit of consumers’ virtual pocketbooks. Proponents insist, however, that mobile wallets are not just another technology looking for a home, and that community banks need to be in the game or […]

Automating Loan Management

Using the right software to oversee the commercial credit monitoring process By Zubin P. Mehta While using a wrench to hammer in a nail may work some of the time, it will not work all the time. Especially, if it is a delicate job and you don’t want to risk bending the nail. So why […]

The Entrepreneur Revolution

Five technology-driven trends that will redefine successful small businesses By William Atkinson No matter their age, experience or background, more people than ever are interested in starting their own business, entrepreneurial developers and researchers say. “There has been a real shift in the attention given to entrepreneurship since the recession,” observes Charisse Bowen, director of […]

Wading into the Prepaid Waters

Big retailers are making a splash in consumer prepaid cards. Should community banks dive into the same payment pool? By Viveca Y. Ware It’s unusual for prepaid to be a focal point in back-to-back payments columns, as it was in March and now is in April. But Facebook’s foray into branded gift cards, on the […]

A Payments Proliferation

Is P2P a valuable canary in the payments mine? By Collin Canright Consumers have more ways to make purchases than ever and will have even more choices over the next few years. This is creating a highly fragmented marketplace in which it’s difficult for any single payment option to gain traction. Yet the fastest, most […]

Trump Cards

Smart cards are the fast-approaching new billboards in your customers’ wallets By Diane Jackson Over the past few years, there has been a change in the way financial institutions view bank cards. Once seen as purely functional, it has become clear that a card with the right design and functionality can be one of a […]

Back to the Future

Co-op data centers—an idea whose time has come (again)? By Judith Sears In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon, and that same year the first two nodes of today’s Internet were connected between UCLA and Stanford Research Institute. Meanwhile at Lake-Osceola State Bank in Baldwin, Mich., Deborah Smith-Olson, working […]