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Community bank branches are evolving

Community bank branches are evolving

Many community banks were already rethinking the role of their branches when COVID-19 forced them to interact with customers in new and increasingly digital ways. But rather than buck physical banking trends, industry experts say the pandemic is furthering existing evolutions in how customers use branches, especially for complex financial services.

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Charles Potts: Budgeting for innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis accelerated the innovation process as community banks across the nation moved to digital platforms for everything from onboarding new customers to loan authorization. It also highlighted the importance of budgeting for innovation as an essential component of a community bank’s strategic plan.

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Charles Potts: Lending during COVID-19

By Charles Potts, ICBA The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)presented challenges for community banks, but they overcame them with innovative lending solutions that highlight the need for more effective automation and a consistent user experience. Before the digital era, community bankers and technology providers cobbled together disparate solutions to originate loans. The lending process included identifying […]

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Charles Potts: Leading innovation in a crisis

By Charles Potts, ICBA The COVID-19 pandemic presents community banks and fintechs with opportunities to create change. It’s a pivotal moment, underscoring the importance of leadership in innovation, and community banks and fintechs are rising to the occasion. Take, for example, the operational and technological challenges community banks are facing related to the Coronavirus Aid, […]

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Charles Potts: Measuring high performance

By Charles Potts, ICBA What constitutes a high-performance, innovative community bank? As an industry, we rely on financial metrics to define success, but numbers tell only part of the story. As we consider the broader context, I’d like to pose a question of my own: How should community banks gauge progress as they move into […]

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Charles Potts: The future of community banking

By Charles Potts, ICBA The speed and rapid nature of fintech entering the community bank space brings with it opportunities for community banks to create innovative ways to flourish in their markets. That’s why it’s imperative that community banks think strategically about how to create best-of-breed services and solutions for their unique market demands, in […]


Kevin Tweddle: Meet Charles Potts

By Kevin Tweddle, ICBA Our ThinkTECH Accelerator and ThinkTECH Network started with a blank piece of paper and a conversation about community bank innovation. Those initial seeds took root, and today, ICBA is on the second iteration of this highly successful program. It boasts participants from around the world and an expansive reach that has […]

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Kevin Tweddle: ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator 2.0

By Kevin Tweddle, ICBA ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator 2.0 program is under way, and this year’s fintech cohort brings even more potential for transformative technology that elevates the customer experience and serves as a point of differentiation for community banks. We’ve devoted additional time to the selection process and have a larger, more diverse pool of […]