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FedNow is coming. Here’s what you need to know

FedNow is coming. Here’s what you need to know

Years of advocacy culminated in the Fed’s announcement of a real-time payments and settlement service. Here’s what to know about FedNow and what remains to be answered. By Colleen Morrison The community banking industry released a collective breath on Aug. 5, 2019, when the Federal Reserve announced its intent to offer a 24/7 real-time payments […]

Why digital payments are exploding in popularity

In a short time, the ways customers make payments have changed alongside technology. But what are digital payments, exactly? And why is the U.S. digital payments market set for huge growth over the next few years? By Colleen Morrison By 2023, the value of the U.S. digital payments market will be an estimated $1.3 trillion. […]

What do digital payments do to our brains?

What happens to our spending decisions when digital payment platforms ease the pain of parting with our hard-earned money? And how can community banks help customers make better spending decisions? This is what behavioral economists are trying to understand as we move toward a cashless society.