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3 ways to improve your customers’ overdraft experience

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Customers shouldn’t have to worry about whether their transaction will be covered. A reliable overdraft service should be easy to understand and easy to access. Here are 3 ways to ensure successful outcomes and improve overall growth for your bank.

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Why small business payments have big potential

To their small business customers, community bankers are more than just lenders. They’re advisors, collaborators and cheerleaders. That close relationship puts them in an ideal place to offer these customers the payments options that will help them grow. By Colleen Morrison Picture a black-and-white television showing The Andy Griffith Show. Opie Taylor walks down Mayberry’s […]

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Why the speed of business payments matters

The timeliness of B2B payments raises the stakes for all parties involved, as a missed or delayed payment can cause a ripple effect across a business and its network. But how can community banks speed up these payments? And what are the challenges they’ll need to solve? By Karen Epper Hoffman Many a consumer has […]

Why digital payments are exploding in popularity

In a short time, the ways customers make payments have changed alongside technology. But what are digital payments, exactly? And why is the U.S. digital payments market set for huge growth over the next few years? By Colleen Morrison By 2023, the value of the U.S. digital payments market will be an estimated $1.3 trillion. […]

Put your payments strategy on the fast track

The pace of change of real-time payments technology and infrastructure has only gotten quicker in the past year. Here’s what you need to know about what’s changing and what resources exist to help your community bank adopt new payments technology.