Charles Potts: Challenging the status quo

ICBA has preached the importance of innovation, not as a project or something to silo inside a department but as an inclusive cultural and philosophical endeavor that should be part of an organization’s DNA.

Matthew Burch, Sharina Perry, and Jill Castilla of Citizens Bank of Edmond

Our first Innovation Conversation

Citizens Bank of Edmond evolves its innovation strategy by working with­—and for—its community partners. We spoke to two of its business customers for the first article in a new series.

Charles Potts: Integrating cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an integral part of a community bank’s strategic and innovation initiatives. Moving it from the department of “no” to the department of “how can we do this better?” is a necessary cultural shift for community banks that will serve them well in today’s environment.

Charles Potts: Set your sights on payments

In the wake of COVID-19, a payments innovation strategy is vital for community banks to grow and strengthen relationships in the small business marketplace. Every strategy should start with asking why. Why do we want to do this? Why now? It’s critically important to elevate the larger “why” question before parsing it into a detailed strategy.

How cryptocurrency may be going mainstream

Beyond all the hype, cryptocurrency has unequivocally gained a loyal following, and mainstream financial players are taking notice. Is it time community banks got involved in crypto? One community bank has found its entry to the market.