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Your 2021 physical security assessment checklist

Your 2021 physical security assessment checklist

While social distancing measures may be eased in many areas, they’ve had a large effect on branch security over the past year. Here’s what to look for when doing a physical security assessment to account for the latest trends in customer—and criminal—behavior.

Avoiding social engineering attacks is a team effort

Social engineering, a growing type of identity theft, involves fraudsters posing as customers, bank employees or even the CEO. These attacks take advantage of community banks’ personal customer service to obtain confidential information and make fraudulent transactions.


Cybersecurity education planning

At a time when many customers worry about keeping their data secure, a cybersecurity education program offered at a community bank can be a way to play an active role in their financial well-being. Here’s how one community bank is drawing hundreds of people to its cybersecurity events. By Mary Yerkes Ask a group of […]