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ICBA’s new cloud-computing program By Carol Patton Several years ago, a community banker from Maryland and an ICBA board member introduced Dan Clancy, ICBA’s executive vice president of services, to an outsourced software service framework called cloud computing.

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Mobile apps for the mortgage lending process

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Where revenue stands in mobile’s business mobile

Fighting the Good Fight

Deputizing cardholders to stop fraudsters By Jim Ghiglieri If cardholders are a community bank’s first line of defense against major fraud losses, it stands to reason they should be armed with more sophisticated weaponry. Fortunately, advances in technology and a more acute consumer awareness of the consequences of card fraud have combined to bring about […]

Harvesting Information

Through data, giving customers what they want By Don Hopper Is it possible for a community bank to predict which products and services its customers are likely to need—and when? Using insights from predictive customer analytics to forecast behaviors and preferences, community banks are now better able to identify ready-to-buy customers.

Service and Technology

Rethinking delivery channels in light of digital service options By Jim Trautwein Most community banks realize they have niches within their customer base. Appealing to the shifting preferences of empty-nesters, active families, an emerging younger population and a host of other diverse customers represents a tremendous opportunity for community banks to fine-tune their channel offerings […]

Chins Up!

These are the best of times for community bank technology By Art Gillis I have seen the worst of times because I joined the bank tech industry in 1969 during its formative stage. Back then, the CEO of a Rhode Island bank was building a holding company strategy that included beefing up the tech subsidiary […]

IT Chiefs to Top Boss

CIOs talk about bringing their expertise to executive suite By Ann Dee Allen Just as technology has rapidly evolved to encompass higher levels of complexity and sophistication, the role of chief information officer has expanded in kind. Community bank CIOs are now responsible for a wide variety of executive duties involving human resources and significant […]

Information Explosion

Big predictions for Big Data for community banks By Kelly Pike Department store conglomerate Target Brands Inc. knows when its female customers are pregnant long before they start buying cribs. Google Inc. was able to track the H1N1 flu in real-time using Internet search queries when the government couldn’t. Parole and sentencing decisions in some […]

Tech Transformations

Cloud computing and the community bank IT managers By Kevin Paugh Information technology at community banks is in the midst of one of the biggest changes in the last 20 years. In the middle of this transformational change is the bank IT manager, who is charged with making sure the bank’s technology works, is secure, […]