Listen Up: Coastal Community Bank

If you aren’t already listening to Independent Banker: A Community Banking Podcast from ICBA (formerly Communities of Innovation), you’re missing out on some fantastic insights from fellow community bankers and other experts.

Enhancing content with AI

From grammar suggestions to content ideation, artificial intelligence has evolved to be an asset for marketing industries. Learn how AI can enhance the work of community banks’ marketing teams of all sizes.

Super apps: The rise of an all-in-one platform

Convenience is a growing desire from consumers everywhere. Across the world, people are using super apps to send messages, purchase tickets and, of course, bank online. What are they, and how can community banks stay on top of this trend?

5 ways AI can improve customer service

AI can help solve customer pain points—but does it mean community banks will lose the personal touch they pride themselves on? As community bankers themselves tell us, the answer is no.

Can open- and closed-loop payments coexist?

With consumer pressure to offer faster payments, community banks are considering how they can offer both open- and closed-loop payments platforms to deepen customer relationships.

5 things to know about crypto today

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. As Wall Street gets involved, we look at some of the factors community banks should consider before they dive into the world of digital currencies.

10 ways to create successful fintech partnerships

Community bankers and their fintech partners offer practical tips for how to build a successful relationship, keeping “soft” factors like culture, communication and values front and center.

How fraudsters target different generations

Financial fraud and cyber attacks aren’t a one-age-fits-all scenario. By identifying the preferred banking and spending habits of different generations, scammers can tailor how they reach their targets. We look at community banks’ options for fighting this type of crime.