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The Ledger: Thwarting elder financial abuse

Elder financial abuse robs older Americans of billions of dollars in money, property and other assets every year. As those safeguarding their customers’ finances, community bankers are key watchdogs for monitoring and preventing this abuse.

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The Ledger: Small businesses adapt

Data shows that the pandemic has caused small business owners to adopt new trends. Visa’s annual report reveals that they’re adapting to the times, with many optimistic for the future.

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The Ledger: The state of loan demand

This past year threw a wrench in the financial plans of countless businesses and consumers, causing many to search for temporary relief through a loan. A WalletHub analysis of search and internal credit report data shows where loan demand is centered.

The Ledger: AI-driven marketing

From the back office to the front line, banks are finding use cases for artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. But what about marketing? A Financial Brand report shows that banks are just beginning to dip their toes in AI-driven marketing.