Seven Reasons You Need Guided Product Selection Today

SPONSORED | New customers self-select the best products for their needs only 30 percent of the time. Guided product selection uses guided digital conversations that uncover their unique financial needs to make consistent, relevant and accurate product recommendations during new account opening.

SPARK digitizes loan origination for faster, more secure lending

SPONSORED l Ready to move off manual processes and network shares? SPARK makes commercial and SBA loan origination easier, more secure, and ultra-efficient for your bank and customers by digitizing the entire origination process. Read about how SPARK can benefit your bank.

Seamless deposit and loan account opening built on design thinking

SPONSORED | Consumer standards are moving toward a cohesive experience, including a single portal for business and consumer account opening and lending. Download Finastra’s white paper to discover why, how fintechs play a part and a new path toward digital transformation.

Flip the script: Grow when everything tells you not to.

SPONSORED | Current wisdom says that deposits are just cost centers and that community financial institutions should throw all their efforts into loan growth. However, the data show not all deposits are equally valuable — some bring in way more loans than others.

Get on Track With CECL Jump-Start Kit

SPONSORED | CECL is becoming an important priority for bankers. With the clock ticking, how can you be sure you will make the right choices? With the CECL Jump-Start Kit, you have smart tools for every stage of the CECL transition.

Humanizing Customer Service for the Post-COVID Consumer

SPONSORED | What’s the value of an empathetic voice on the other end of the phone? While technology and innovation have transformed how customers and financial institutions interact, one truth remains: consumers need human interaction. This makes contact centers more important than ever.