Management & Boardroom articles

The Road Ahead

STRATEGIC TRENDS Four drivers of long-term industry change By Philip K. Smith To say the environment for community banks has changed over the last five years would be an incredible understatement. As the industry continues to dust off the debris from the recent financial crisis, community banks have found themselves in a state of flux—one […]

Leadership from the Inside Out

Building the right habits can galvanize a high-performance management team By Tom Hershberger Say all you want about location, location, location, but creating a high-performance bank is never just about showing up in the right place at the right time. Great performance is always embedded with intention. Leaders at high-performing community banks identify their desired […]

Act Like a Startup

Transform your community bank into a scrappy and bold new business venture By Jim Ghiglieri It’s easy to write statements like “improve customer experience,” “streamline processes” or “create a culture of innovation” in your community bank’s strategic plan. These are all admirable and valuable strategies toward making your bank more efficient and competitive.

Laurie Stewart (seated), president and CEO of the $355 million-asset Seattle-based Sound Community Bank, is surrounded by members of her leadership team: Matt Moran (left), executive vice president and chief credit officer; Kelli Nielsen (center), senior vice president, retail and marketing; and Matt Deines (right), executive vice president and CFO.

Rearranging the Org Chart

Hard headcount lessons from downsizing, right-sizing or restructuring staff for the future By Elizabeth Judd In December, Citigroup announced plans to eliminate 11,000 jobs in an effort to save $1 billion. Community banks may not be meting out anywhere near this magnitude of pain, but many are nonetheless taking the difficult step of reducing headcount […]