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Using board portals to expedite loan approvals

Using board portals to expedite loan approvals

SPONSORED | With comprehensive features that help senior management and lending officers organize, track, review and approve loans, board portals improve customer experience, keep the loan pipeline at capacity and help approve new loans faster than ever.

Survive and Thrive

Four strategic ideas to prepare for change and ensure a long, independent future By Philip K. Smith Can your community bank survive? “Yes,” is my answer, but perhaps my first bit of advice is to stop panicking. Community banks may, in fact, face different types of challenges going forward, but community banks can and will […]

Banking on the Basics

Following the fundamentals is how many of this year’s ICBA top-performing community banks overcame industry challenges By Kelly Pike When it comes to financial success, consultants are always warning community banks that they must re-imagine their operations or lose out to growing competition. But just as important as keeping an eye open for new opportunities […]

Divining Future Deals

GROWTH AND ACQUISITIONS The resurgence of community bank mergers and acquisitions—fact or fiction? By Thomas R. Mecredy There has been much discussion among community bankers as to when merger and acquisition activity will heat up, and an increasing number of community banks are considering a strategic merger with another institution. Here are several reasons why […]

The Five Metrics that Matter

MEASURING PROFITABILITY Most Metrics are like party appetizers: You want to offer a nice spread, but not go overboard By Adam Craig Think about the last few times you attended a party that served appetizers—or hors d’oeuvres, if you want to be fancy. Were there about five items for you to enjoy? I’ve noticed that […]