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Rules on Lender Pay

Rules on Lender Pay

What’s new in CFPB loan originator compensation regulations for mortgage lending The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a series of six major new regulations in January that will significantly influence residential mortgage lending operations of all institutions, including community banks. The regulations released cover ability to repay/qualified mortgage (QM) standards; appraisals for higher-priced mortgage loans; […]

Some Timely Questions

Answers to three tricky, real-world compliance conundrums By Mary Thorson The ICBA Compliance HelpDesk provides practical, hands-on, real-world advice on compliance for community bankers. Below are recent questions on single-premium insurance, escrow requirements and Home Mortgate Disclosure Act reporting posed by community bankers through the HelpDesk and the responses from compliance experts. Learn more about […]

Signs of the Times

A compliance checkup for required signage and public notice requirements By Mary Thorson It’s a “sign” of compliance. Financial institutions are buried under disclosure requirements, but no disclosures are more conspicuous than those required to be posted for public scrutiny. Public signage and notice requirements run the gamut from those making loan and deposit stipulations […]

Mixed and Matched

Sorting out which regulations apply to particular consumer overdraft protection programs By Mary Thorson Check bounce programs, cash sweep programs and payment lines of credit—each brings a different set of regulatory requirements, policies, procedures and practices.

CRA Best Practices

Real-world tips on handling Community Reinvestment Act demands and trends Trends and best practices in Community Reinvestment Act compliance were topics of discussion among a panel of community bankers this past fall at the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation conference in Washington, D.C. Five compliance officers who participated in the discussion also shared the changes […]

Defining Future Mortgages

While including measures benefiting community banks, the CFPB’s ability-to-repay rules are a major step in defining the future of home finance By Elizabeth Eurgubian and Ron Haynie Community banks gained significant accommodations in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s ability-to-repay qualified mortgage rule issued in January, the first of several mortgage rules that will determine the […]

Fathoming Future Risks

With lingering uncertainty, community banks incorporate stress-testing scenarios into their risk management routines By Howard Schneider Much-awaited guidance from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regarding stress-testing guidelines for community banks came out last fall. “The OCC encourages community banks to adopt a stress test method that fits their unique business strategy, size, […]

Grievances and Grumblings

Effectively managing consumer complaints as an elevated compliance requirement By Mary Thorson Customer complaints—and customer compliments—have always been valuable sources of feedback, allowing businesses to improve their products and service. With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s emphasis on ensuring that financial service providers respond swiftly and fairly to customer complaints, complaint management has become a […]

To Learn and To Serve

Annual SHCPF conference shared tips on CRA compliance and help available through the Senior Crimestoppers program By Lori Millar They came to learn and to better serve. More than 150 community bankers gathered in the heart of the nation’s capital in October to share insights and learn more about managing Community Reinvestment Act compliance more […]