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WEBINAR: New Expectations for Q Factors with CECL

WEBINAR: New Expectations for Q Factors with CECL

SPONSORED | WEBINAR: Under CECL, how we apply Q Factors will change. Gain an understanding of Q Factors with CECL. Learn how they will vary based on the complexity of a loan portfolio and how different statistical approaches justify qualitative adjustments.

How your bank should handle consumer complaints

It’s important for community banks to understand and respond to customer complaints. But what should a complaint program include, and how might complaint data be an opportunity to improve your bank’s level of service? By Mary Thorson Wright The ways that community banks process complaints invites the interest of examiners, and with good reason. Complaints […]

How your bank can stay compliant on social media

It’s common for community banks to have a presence on one, two or up to half a dozen social media platforms to engage with customers. But what does being an active social media user mean for community banks from a compliance perspective? By Mary Thorson Wright Merriam-Webster singles out 2004 as a turning point for social […]