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Why contactless payments are here to stay

Why contactless payments are here to stay

Americans were already headed toward greater adoption of contactless payments when COVID-19 changed the way they shop. Now, data shows that contactless payments will be a new normal for many, even after the pandemic. For community banks, it’s time to get ahead of the trend.

Christian Wagner, president of Penn Investment Advisors

Is a robo-advisor right for your bank?

Robo-advisory can be a cost-effective way for banks to enhance their wealth management and investing services. Community banks and vendors say that, with proper planning, these partnerships can generate noninterest income and bolster customer loyalty while maintaining high-touch service.

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What you need to know about instant issue cards

Luckily for the many community bankers who are considering instant issue cards this year, adoption of the service has never been easier thanks to new technology. But community banks should ensure best practices for protecting cardholders and staying compliant. By Mary Yerkes Many community bankers are looking to enhance their bank’s customer experience, and instant […]