Is commercial lending on the rise?

Loan providers share an infectious enthusiasm and growing optimism for one vertical’s prospects in 2022: commercial lending. Here’s how community bankers can take advantage of various sectors—including SBA lending—over the next 12 months.

3 business payments trends to watch

Mobile transactions. Multichannel experiences. Heightened data privacy awareness. As consumers’ changing preferences prompt community banks to deliver new technologies, here are some of the top trends to keep your eye on.

Technology your remote and hybrid employees need

Remote and hybrid working was once the exception but, for some community bank employees, it’s now the norm. What technology is needed to keep remote workers productive, connected and, most of all, engaged?

The future of workplace flexibility

The pandemic forced the issue of remote and hybrid working for many employees, but it wasn’t a flash in the pan. Though challenges remain, many companies are now looking to accommodate employees’ refreshed expectations. We asked community banks how they’re dealing with the resulting shifts in their employment models.

The benefits of small business relationships

Whether achieved by internal or external resources, community banks provide valuable support for small businesses. Here, bankers share how they build and maintain long-standing partnerships with their business customers.

How to create a seamless core conversion

Making the switch to a new core technology provider can be a daunting task, since many core relationships last years, if not decades. Faced with several transitional issues, here’s how these community banks gained support from their new providers to adapt to the change.

How banks can tighten up their overdraft practices

A pair of recent reports by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns against banks abusing their overdraft practices beyond what’s lawful. Here’s how the CFPB is cracking down and what community banks can do to maintain overdraft oversight.

Tote bag with Tioga State Bank logo

Build your community bank’s brand with swag

Promotional merchandise, or swag, has long been regarded as a no-brainer approach to business branding, but community banks are shedding those thrifty connotations with a new, mindful approach to company gifting that imparts value and purpose while bolstering bottom lines.