What are power skills?

The skills needed to succeed in the workplace are changing, with companies placing greater value on soft skills like communication and leadership. In response, community banks have an opportunity to revisit hiring policies and training programs.

Enhancing content with AI

From grammar suggestions to content ideation, artificial intelligence has evolved to be an asset for marketing industries. Learn how AI can enhance the work of community banks’ marketing teams of all sizes.

Adapting lending practices during a recession

Many lenders are looking for ways to mitigate risk and ease economic burden for their customers amid a predicted recession. Three community bank lenders share their advice for lending during an economic downturn.

Super apps: The rise of an all-in-one platform

Convenience is a growing desire from consumers everywhere. Across the world, people are using super apps to send messages, purchase tickets and, of course, bank online. What are they, and how can community banks stay on top of this trend?

Can AI assist in vendor management challenges?

As community banks grow, their vendor partnerships usually also do, which can lead to challenges with organization, data security and more. To address these issues, some community banks have turned to artificial intelligence.

2022 regulatory compliance review

While the creation of new compliance regulations was slow this year compared with years past, some regulations were implemented as expected, and some continue to evolve.