Payments Exchange

As deadlines near, community banks have three options for deploying EMV chip cards

Retail Strategies

Metrics for branches in 2014 By Adam Craig With a new year around the corner, now is the time to decide how your community bank’s branches will measure performance. Although there are a myriad of metrics from which to choose, there are five that tend to be common among high-performing branches. Could they be right […]

A Spark of Opportunity

Finding firecrackers, and avoiding duds, in specialty insurance sales By William Atkinson Nearly everyone in community banking these days thinks about generating new revenue and higher profit margins, and exploring new market demand or products or services is a common path taken. Sometimes finding a niche product is the way to go.

Vantage Point

Capturing the opportunity of emerging affluent consumers By Donald H. Wood A few years ago, a large regional bank acquired a community bank. The community bank’s division that served the bank’s “mass affluent” customers—the group of nearly 50 million upper middle-class consumers who are moderately wealthy or fast on their way to becoming so—was included […]

Controlling Retail Destinies

Adapting branch networks to changing consumer preferences and behavior By Kevin Blair In taking stock of the current state of the bank branch, I’m reminded of the quote— “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Contrary to the countless media stories declaring otherwise—mobile banking is not the enemy of the bank branch. It’s […]