A bridge to affordable housing

When two executives at Woodforest National Bank noticed a dearth of affordable housing options in southeast Texas, they decided to do something about it, partnering with several housing and community groups to launch an innovative mortgage lending product aimed at underserved clients.

The community banks beating the Great Resignation

A mass exodus of the U.S. workforce during the pandemic brought challenges in recruiting entry- to mid-level staff. These community banks share how they have (or haven’t) altered their hiring strategies.

A digital-first bank for south Florida

Observing the gap in pandemic relief in south Florida due to a lack of local community banks, a trio of banking veterans teamed up to form a digital-first community bank—and were granted a charter in record time to support local businesses.

Efficiency now: 8 smart strategy tips

Fallout from recent global events presents an obstacle to generating revenue for community banks. How can they counteract these effects and maximize financial efficiency? As we enter budgeting season, the answers might be found in a mix of strategies.

4 trending social media tips to know

The Social Bankers, a collective of community bank marketers, offers inspiration, information and professional development advice to community bankers focused on marketing and social media. We asked them for their need-to-know social tips.

CFOs’ budgeting secrets

The pandemic and other financial events continue to send ripple effects across the banking industry. Through it all, chief financial officers continue to act as stabilizing forces for their community banks while remaining open to new opportunities. We sat down with a panel of six CFOs to ask how they’ve adapted to this landscape.

At home with HOA banking

Looking for an avenue to increase its deposit base, Academy Bank tapped into a market it hadn’t explored before: homeowners associations. Today, the community bank has successful relationships with HOAs across the country.

Ensure your community bank is inclusive

For a workplace to be truly inclusive, its employees should feel accepted for who they are and valued for their unique perspectives and backgrounds. We asked community bankers and experts for their advice on ensuring employees feel a sense of belonging.

The DIY banking services customers expect

Prompted by the pandemic, DIY banking services have grown at an increasingly quick rate. And as consumers—especially Gen Z and millennials—continue calling for more mobile options, community banks are stepping forward with new innovations and new tech partnerships.

Growing a new branch

Providence Bank chose to open a new brick-and-mortar site during the pandemic, when many other businesses were ceasing operations or shutting down altogether. President and CEO Ted Whitehurst talks timing, lessons learned, results and how his staff went the extra mile.