Security articles

Novel Vulnerability

The ubiquity, invisibility and uncertainty created by the Heartbleed cyber-bug By Joram Borenstein The significance of the Heartbleed software vulnerability that has been mentioned almost incessantly in the media in the past two months boils down three main concerns: ubiquity, invisibility and uncertainty. To remind you, Heartbleed was a vulnerability—or problem in the software’s source […]

Expert Insights

Real-time debit fraud monitoring By Kevin Christensen With every fraudulent swipe of a debit card, a financial institution loses money. The risk only increases as debit fraud rises and the criminals who perpetrate payments crimes become smarter.

Greater Awareness, Greater Security

Q&A on cyber security with the OCC’s Valerie Abend By Valerie Abend The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is working with community bankers to increase awareness about cyber threats. Valerie Abend, the OCC’s senior critical infrastructure officer, provides some insights on how community banks can prepare to defend against those increasing threats.

Securing Company Data

Best practices to help business clients protect their data By Dale Dabbs Customers expect to feel protected by their banks, not only in terms of the safety of their investments, but when it comes to the security of the information they share. With the growing number of recent corporate data breaches (i.e., Twitter, LinkedIn, Evernote, […]