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Real-time debit fraud monitoring By Kevin Christensen With every fraudulent swipe of a debit card, a financial institution loses money. The risk only increases as debit fraud rises and the criminals who perpetrate payments crimes become smarter.

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Fixing deposits, protecting capital and making money By Jim Reber It’s time to assess your community bank’s fiscal health. Although it’s not uniform by any means, the community banking industry has continued to improve most elements of its performance, as measured by any number of yardsticks. Earnings, though modest, are better than at any time […]

Portfolio Management

Impact of interest-rate caps on floaters By Jim Reber Everyone likes a thrill ride. Roller coasters that climb into the sky, making scary-sounding squeaks and rattles, reaching an apex with land and sea far below, then rushing brake-less toward the cold, hard ground is great fun for most of us. Investments with similarly carnival-riding yields […]