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Niche lending ideas: Green products and services

Community banks have always thrived in niche markets, and lending in new spaces is just one of the many ways they serve businesses and individuals in their communities. As the market for “green” products and services evolves, we asked community bankers for their ideas about how to serve this niche.

The benefits of micro-lending programs

Despite the large number of PPP loans distributed to small businesses, funding didn’t always reach those who needed it the most. These community banks are working to fix that through microlending programs.

FNB Community Bank marketing manager and assistant vice president Julie Waddle

FNB Community Bank is conquering TikTok

FNB Community Bank’s investment in social media has paid off. Marketing manager and assistant vice president Julie Waddle has excelled at making fun and informative videos that engage the bank’s customers and occasionally reach a viral audience of millions.

How to build up your Gen Z customer base

Generation Z represents one in four Americans today, and they’re looking for their bank. To attract this new generation of potential customers, community banks must understand what banking means to them and how to meet their financial needs.

Stephen Gordon

De novos in the time of COVID

The 2008 financial crisis kept the number of de novos low for years, but that trend has started to reverse. Then, the pandemic happened. Today, de novos and beginner banks report that they’ve faced a unique set of challenges—and opportunities—while launching their financial institutions.

2021’s Best Community Banks to Work For

Premium benefits packages, professional development and TLC during the pandemic—this year’s winners do everything in their power to keep their community bankers happy and fulfilled. We asked both leaders and staffers to tell us what makes their community banks stand out as employers.