The banks serving active duty personnel

Community banks operate on a majority of the country’s military installations. Given their selfless service, active-duty personnel rely on community banks that understand their unique needs.

How University Bank is redressing redlining

Widespread housing discrimination made homeownership unattainable for Black Americans for generations. To address this, University Bank and a nonprofit launched a new mortgage program, creating a national model for homeownership counseling in the process.

Andrew West, Danielle Peterson, and Bryon Miller

Overcoming banking hurdles for Native American customers

Native American customers living on tribal lands have historically been redlined and ignored by the mainstream financial system. Native-owned community banks have been there to serve these communities by providing critical access to banking services and credit.

How BankMD’s experiment paid off

Digital-only brand BankMD has shaken up the medical lending arena since its launch in 2019 under the leadership of Moses D. Luevano. Anchored by San Antonio-based TransPecos Banks, the experiment has brought huge success to both the brand and the community bank.

How CDFI banks plan to use federal funding

Congress recently passed an infusion of stimulus dollars for community development financial institutions. These two new funding programs are preparing community bank CDFIs for huge growth opportunities.

5 tips to make your bank blog more engaging

Web content is an essential tool for drawing existing and potential customers to your community bank’s website and keeping them informed about your products and services. Community bank experts share their blogging best practices.

7 benefits that will make your bank stand out

Today’s competitive labor market means employers have to stand out from the pack. One strategy community banks can use is a well-rounded benefits package. Here are seven benefits that community banks have put in place to recruit and retain workers.