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Member Benefits: How to keep up with compliance

Member Benefits: How to keep up with compliance

ICBA offers more resources than ever before to help your community bank tackle compliance duties. Community bankers understand that there is no hiding from regulatory compliance. However, with complex regulatory rules and evolving examiner expectations, successfully implementing your bank’s compliance program is easier said than done. ICBA’s Community Banker University (CBU) has an online training […]

Make LinkedIn work for your community bank

LinkedIn isn’t just for finding jobs anymore. Community banks can use the platform to make human connections with customers and other businesses. By Erin Anderson Many companies are just waking up to the possibilities that a strong LinkedIn presence can unlock for their brand. For community banks, experts say LinkedIn offers exciting opportunities for strengthening […]

Teaching teens through friendly competition

Central Bank of Kansas City invites students to form business plans in a Shark Tank-style competition to promote financial education and entrepreneurship in its community. By Beth Mattson-Teig Central Bank of Kansas City created its own version of Shark Tank to give local high school students a hands-on lesson about entrepreneurship. What started as a […]

Why these community banks joined ICBA

Each ICBA member bank has its own reason for joining. Independent Banker asked the newest ICBA members what made them decide to join the nation’s only association dedicated to community banks. Here’s what they said.

Which member banks are celebrating milestones in 2019?

With rich histories and proud legacies, community banks have been the cornerstone of the American financial system since the 19th century. Every year, ICBA honors member banks that have reached significant milestones. As vital members of their communities, they have important lessons for all of us on the value of learning, growing and remaining relevant […]