How community banks can use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become far more than just a way to sell overpriced products on social media. Now it’s a well-established tool for building brand awareness, boosting sales and more. Here’s what community banks and marketing experts say about this growing industry.

Get ready for ICBA Connect

Over two electrifying days, ICBA Connect will energize your teams, connect them more deeply with your community bank and better prepare them for what’s ahead for the industry.

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Member Benefits: ICBA updates

ICBA’s relaunched Bank Locally landing page serves as a hub of resources, customer testimonials and other content for small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in making the switch to a local community bank. It’s another way ICBA is furthering its mission to create and promote an environment where community banks flourish.

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How to optimize your next email campaign

Email is the cornerstone of many organizations’ marketing programs. Here’s how community banks can create engaging emails that customers will want to open, read and respond to.

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The community bank broadcasting Kansas City

Country Club Bank’s podcast, Banking on KC, shares highlights of its greater Kansas City, Mo., community, including insights from many of the community bank’s business customers and local leaders. By Rebecca Lubecki Name: Country Club Bank Assets: $1.5 billion Location: Kansas City, Mo. For those unfamiliar with the banking industry, it can be easy to […]

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4 community banks with eye-catching names

These community banks know you never get a second chance to make a first impression. From Ergo Bank in Wisconsin to Happy State Bank in Texas, we uncover the roots of four banks’ eye-catching monikers—and offer tips for a successful rebranding. By Katie Kuehner-Hebert Community bankers know their bank’s name isn’t simply a name. Whether […]

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How to get and keep new customers

Customers have more choices than ever about where and how to do their banking. Community banks must find the right ways to engage them if they want to win and retain their loyalty. Here are the strategies that are working for several community banks. By Robert Lerose • Illustrations by Priya Mistry Thanks to new […]

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SEO: Boost your bank’s visibility with this tool

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps people find your community bank’s website. Here are five ways you can help your bank rise up the search rankings. By Ed Avis When somebody is looking for a new bank, what is the first thing they do? They Google “bank near me” or something similar. If your bank […]

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Social media tips from your peers

A group of community bank marketers scattered across the country are connecting online to figure out how to best answer their social media-related conundrums. By Beth Mattson-Teig “How do I create more engaging social media content?” “How frequently should I post?” “Do I have to worry about our bank’s tweets or posts creating regulatory issues?” […]

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How your bank can build a brand with purpose

By definition, community banks do good work in their communities. Whether it’s donating to charities or having staff volunteer, community banks find outlets for giving back. But today’s customers expect more from businesses. They want businesses to be actively engaged in social issues, too. Here’s how several community banks are making their missions part of […]