Reverse Trend

Though a specialty niche, reverse mortgages are meeting a growing, demographically driven financial need

What Goes Up …

Coping just fine, community banks in energy-producing regions manage the oil-price plunge By Howard Schneider Crude oil prices have dropped more than 50 percent from last July to this January, and they haven’t hovered this low since 2009. Yet community bankers serving the oil industry say they’ve been expecting a drop in the notoriously cyclical […]

Exceptions from the Norm

Considering policies and procedures for effective underwriting controls, including loan policy exceptions

Ready for New Rates

Positioning loan portfolios for the inevitable upturn in interest rates—whenever that might be

Wallet War

Apple Pay wasn’t the first consumer smartphone payments wallet to market

A Prevention Piece

Consumer compliance activities can be a foundation to overall data security efforts

Fine-Tuning Decisions

Upcoming changes to credit-scoring models could boost the borrowing ability of more consumer