Adapting lending practices during a recession

Many lenders are looking for ways to mitigate risk and ease economic burden for their customers amid a predicted recession. Three community bank lenders share their advice for lending during an economic downturn.

Using digital lending helps to reach small businesses

Improving the small business loan experience is a great way to build new relationships and deepen existing ones. We spoke with industry specialists about the priorities for community banks as they build a digital loan process for small businesses.

Entering the cannabis banking market

While the legal status of banking cannabis-related businesses remains fuzzy at the federal level, community banks in some states are finding that, with proper controls, they’re able to enter this niche market and offer banking services to these local businesses.

How New England banks are supporting the tourism industry

Welcome, leaf peepers! Now that autumn is here, it’s time to take a road trip and meet the community banks that call New England home, making an impact on their communities and helping local tourism survive and thrive, year-round.

Community bank’s role in rural prosperity

Community banks provide unflinching support to farm customers in a competitive banking landscape, shrinking market and challenging regulation. Despite the obstacles, these ag lenders have found ways to plant seeds of growth for their clients.

Commercial real estate outlook

The commercial real estate market is changing, as demand for new construction grows along with rising costs and interest rates. How do community banks fit in the bigger CRE picture? Lenders share some of their insights into operating in this fluid market.

How community banks can help young homebuyers

As house prices skyrocket, student loan debt grows and wages stagnate, many Gen Zers and millennials are watching their homebuying dreams move out of reach. But there are ways community banks can help mortgage-seekers get on the property ladder.

5 ways to shake up your lending strategy

A new approach to loan protocols is just one way for community banks to grow in new and different directions. Assessing best practices, rates, marketing efforts and more can position loan producers for future success in unpredictable market conditions.