The keys to success in SBA lending

Community banks of all sizes can succeed in SBA lending. The key is to understand the program’s unique characteristics—and to be willing to become an expert.

Solving the mortgage refinancing puzzle

It’s mortgage season once again—and it could be a good time to help customers examine their refinancing options. What are the considerations for both borrower and bank? By Katie Kuehner-Hebert Interest rates are set to move higher again this year, which means mortgage rates are also likely to rise. Banks that make mortgages should take […]

The community bank as community college

Providing financial education to your small-business customers can improve the health of their companies—and yours, too. By William Atkinson Most community banks make it a priority to lend money to local people starting and building businesses, but new research suggests that, if they really want to help these businesses grow, they should also focus on […]

Chris Lorence: Money isn’t everything

It’s opportunities that really matter. By Chris Lorence With the recent reductions in business taxes, many community banks are evaluating their employee pay scales. Some have already increased hourly rates for nonexempt staff and given salary increases to many exempt staff as a result. The increase in wages will certainly provide a shot in the […]

Opportunities in the student loan market

Getting into the student loan market can be risky, but there are options that can help community banks expand their loan portfolios and capture new customers.

Equipment lease financing 101

Community banks that provide lease financing can help commercial customers score a better deal—and keep those customers from being stolen away by competitors.

Secrets of the C&I specialists

By employing high- and low-tech solutions, community banks can boost their commercial and industrial loan profitability.