High-altitude leadership

Rapid growth can be a trial by fire for a community bank’s staff and leadership alike. As those who have been through it tell us, the keys are preparation, consultation and a willingness to admit when things need to change.

Out in the field

F & M Community Bank CEO Dan Christianson, one of ICBA’s most active member advocates, isn’t shy when it comes to lobbying lawmakers.

Riding the Winds of Change

There’s no doubt about it: Community banks are going for growth in 2017. For ICBA’s 2016 State of Community Banking Survey, we asked members to dust off their crystal balls, outline their goals for the coming year and explain how they plan to meet them. As they tell us, they’re navigating current challenges while keeping their eyes firmly fixed on the future

Born With Wings

As America’s first female F-14 Tomcat pilot, Carey Lohrenz learned a thing or two about courage. Now, she’s lending her thoughts on fearless leadership to the business world.

How to Raise Homegrown Talent

Succession planning is crucial for community banks, but they need leaders with skills not easily found in the general job pool. The answer could be an in-house leadership development program

Open Observations

ICBA’s Cam Fine offers real-world examples of leadership issues

Smart Sentiments

High emotional intelligence is a hallmark of effective leaders