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Lindsay LaNore: The art of presentation

Making a presentation live on stage—or even on Zoom—can be nerve-racking. As a leader, heading up meetings and giving presentations is an essential part of your role. Here are a few ways to make the best of your time in the spotlight.

Small business recovery main image

Is recovery on the horizon for small businesses?

The pandemic has put many small businesses through a gauntlet of challenges. Some have relied on their relationships with community banks to stay open, keep employees or maintain growth. While some sectors of the economy are still struggling, the vaccination rollout means many small businesses are planning for a swift recovery thanks to their ingenuity and perseverance—and help from community banks.

West Gate Bank president and CEO Carl Sjulin with customer

How 4 community banks came through for customers

The past year has put community banks’ local missions to the test, and they came through with flying colors. In the spirit of Community Banking Month, here are stories from several community banks that did what they do best: help customers and communities in need. Be prepared to be inspired.