Lindsay LaNore: Creative teambuilding

Sometimes teambuilding gets a bad rap, and busy schedules can keep it from reaching the top of the priority list, but it is something every leader should have in their repertoire.

Lindsay LaNore: Lake rules for the workplace

Summer is winding down, and the nights are drawing in. The kids are heading back to school, and those of us who are parents are settling into a new routine. It’s time for a return to structure, schedule, discipline—and rules.

Lindsay LaNore: The power of “I don’t know”

In the fast-moving world of social messaging, the phrase “I don’t know” has its own abbreviation. The very existence of “IDK” suggests that the state of not knowing—and being willing to admit it—is an essential part of being human.

3 topics to discuss during the August recess

This month is an opportune time to connect with your members of Congress, and, with a particularly long August recess scheduled this year, you have even more time to tell your story.

Meet the member banks celebrating big birthdays in 2021

ICBA is once again honoring community banks celebrating their 100th, 125th, 150th and 175th anniversaries. Community bankers at these long-standing institutions have embraced the latest innovations of the industry along the way, but they say the core of what they do—helping customers and sustaining communities—has never wavered.