Fine Points

Advocating for basic fairness—a level playing field By Camden Fine Mission creep, the bureaucratic maneuverings for the self-preservation of government fiefdoms and backwater ministries, has long stalked the corridors of the nation’s capital. It’s part of the transfiguring sleight of hand in public policymaking that has given federal programs and subsidies virtual immortality.

Fine Points

Human, After All By Camden Fine So where are we all heading? Or to a more important point, what are we becoming? The answer lies in the upcoming generations.

Fine Points

Preparing the next generation of industry leaders By Camden R. Fine, President and CEO of ICBA Have you planted a tree lately? With just a little attention early on, a seed or sapling can, once established, grow unaided into a mighty, towering tree. Before you know it, you’ll have created something magnificent—a legacy for the […]

Ready to Run

By Camden R. Fine Question: How long does it take for Congress to enact a new law? Answer:Much longer—and far shorter—than anyone can predict. The U.S. Senate is commonly referred to, sometimes deferentially and sometimes facetiously, as the world’s greatest deliberative body. The description springs from the seemingly boundless debating (and delaying) powers and prerogatives […]

Proportional Progress

By Camden R. Fine It’s a concept long but steadily in the making—proportionally tiered regulations for community banks. Conceived by ICBA more than two decades ago, tiered regulation was developed to provide relief to community banks saddled with woefully impractical Community Reinvestment Act regulations. The whole complex CRA regime was put in place to address […]

Regulatory Possibility

“The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday—but never jam today.” ―Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” Did you hear about the Maryland community bank recently accused of discriminating against white males? The bank was given a fair lending violation for creating a loan program designed to help minorities and women obtain more affordable credit. […]

The Field Is Ours

OK, community bankers, it’s time for our industry to lace up our combat boots again and take the field together. We now face another monumental, must-win policy confrontation in Washington. This time Congress is taking a hard look at enacting further legislation to end too-big-to fail once and for all, and that’s great news for […]

Cause and Manifold Effects

By Camden R. Fine, President and CEO of ICBA Consider it a modern Newtonian banking principle of action and overreaction. For every arrogant, boneheaded or downright abusive misdeed by a megabank that’s uncovered, count on a disproportionately excessive and convoluted response from Washington, D.C. Though driven by manmade institutions rather than nature’s forces, this phenomenon […]

A Plan of Action

By Camden R. Fine, President and CEO of ICBA As I’ve said and written before, relieving the regulatory tsunami drowning community banks is Job No. 1 for ICBA. Quite simply, no priority is more urgent for ICBA than reversing the rising tide of costly, unnecessary and counterproductive regulations. So with all of its energy and […]

Worthy Reading

By Camden R. Fine, President and CEO of ICBA Free-form dialogue and debate are central to policymaking in Washington, D.C. However, separating facts from the snowstorm of shrewdly crafted misinformation swirling in the nation’s capital can be disorienting. Even conscientiously nonpartisan veteran Washington operatives can lose their way during the policymaking process.