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Will the dollar go digital? What you need to know

Will the dollar go digital? What you need to know

The private sector has had its hands in the world of cryptocurrencies for years, but the country’s central banks have held off—until now. While far from a certainty, here’s what you need to know about the development of a central bank digital dollar.

Trailblazer: Natalie Bartholomew

Natalie Bartholomew is committed to empowering women to become community bankers and work their way up the corporate ladder. As the blogger behind The Girl Banker, the chief administrative officer of Grand Savings Bank highlights the stories of her industry peers and sheds light on the lessons she’s learned in her own career.

Q&A: The OCC’s Joseph Otting

As the 31st comptroller of the currency at the OCC, former banker Joseph Otting is tasked with ensuring the safety and soundness of the federal banking system. Here, he talks about regulatory challenges, the potential fintech banking charter and what he sees as the path forward for community banks. In your view, what banking policies […]