Our Mighty Engine

By Bill Loving No one would argue that Washington has taken notice of our industry’s impressive advocacy achievements over the years. No longer can anyone doubt today that community bankers are a powerful force to be reckoned with in our nation’s capital. So when hundreds of community bankers storm Capitol Hill each spring during ICBA’s […]


Fight for What’s Right

By Bill Loving As a community banker in West Virginia, I would hope the furthest thing from my mind would be Wall Street. Like all community bankers, I’ve got plenty of other things to keep me busy—meeting with local customers and small-business owners, lending within my community of Franklin, W.Va., conferring with employees of the […]


Imagine the Groundswell

By Bill Loving In high school, I had a part-time job, just like so many other young people. But instead of working at the local hardware store or as a busboy at the mom-and-pop diner down on Main Street, I was a janitor at Cardinal State Bank in Beckley, W.Va. Little did I know that […]

Full Circle

By Jeff Gerhart Itrust that I’ve captured some of your imagination with my From the Top columns during these past 12 months, and that I’ve provided you with some ideas to consider and possibly use in your own community banks. Through this column, I’ve given you a glimpse of a typical day at the Bank […]

The Greatest Show

By Jeff Gerhart The “Greatest Community Banking Show on Earth” takes place March 11–15 in Las Vegas. The annual ICBA National Convention and Techworld® is a showcase of community banking talent, events, speakers and educational programs that you won’t want to miss.