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Beating the Odds

Beating the Odds

The industry’s top overall loan producers share the secrets to their success By Katie Kuehner-Hebert Superior lending success can involve many factors. Good fortune always helps, like operating in a resilient, robust local economy. Throughout the country, lending demand for community banks has varied depending on the state of recovery of their local economies since […]

Pricing Loans Properly

Evaluating how your bank’s loans are priced relative to risks and costs By Tom Farin Competition for quality loans is becoming intense. It’s happening on the retail side with auto loan pricing, especially for indirect loans. It’s also happening on the commercial side, particularly for 5/15 and 5/20 balloon commercial real estate loans. Community banks generally […]

Join the Buzz

With customers and even regulators turning their heads and opening their ears to social media, your community bank’s participation in the conversation should be a matter of when, not if By Collin Canright Your community bank may not be into social media just yet. But your customers certainly are. And now, even the regulators are […]

Managing Your Vendors

Agencies offer new guidance on—and take a second look at—how banks oversee third-party providers By Mary Thorson Spiraling technical requirements, exponential growth of regulatory complexity and the necessity for automation to meet monitoring and processing needs have brought community banks to the doors of third-party vendors that once were thought only to be suitable for […]

Classic Credit Cultures

Seven habits for highly effective loan committees By Ancin Cooley and Regan Camp Some books tell timeless stories. While many involve children’s stories with moral life messages, some enduring books can be found on business shelves. One such classic is Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Among its pages, readers can find a […]

The Great Lending Shift

FDIC study tracks dramatic changes in profitable community bank mainline and specialty lending By Kelly Pike A community bank’s lending strategy is critical to its success—but the most common strategy isn’t necessarily the most profitable one. As community banks have adjusted their lending strategies to keep pace in a highly competitive market—many embracing commercial lending […]