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Living Green Farms

Community banks are financing ag innovation

Community banks are financing ag innovation

The U.S. agriculture industry continues to see big-picture changes, from consumer trends to erratic weather conditions, but community banks are there for them. That puts them in a key position to support agricultural innovation and help push the industry forward. By Ed Avis The pressure on America’s farmers is evolving. Climate change makes the weather less […]

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What you need to know about instant issue cards

Luckily for the many community bankers who are considering instant issue cards this year, adoption of the service has never been easier thanks to new technology. But community banks should ensure best practices for protecting cardholders and staying compliant. By Mary Yerkes Many community bankers are looking to enhance their bank’s customer experience, and instant […]

Social bankers

Social media tips from your peers

A group of community bank marketers scattered across the country are connecting online to figure out how to best answer their social media-related conundrums. By Beth Mattson-Teig “How do I create more engaging social media content?” “How frequently should I post?” “Do I have to worry about our bank’s tweets or posts creating regulatory issues?” […]

Pete Yang and Ben Koons

These two banks are growing with green loans

Following the rise of the renewable energy industry, some community banks have entered the green lending market. They’re offering financing for eco projects from solar power arrays to biofuel developments. Here’s how they do it. By William Atkinson The renewable energy industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with no end in sight. As such, […]

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How the world’s banks are using the IoT

Across the globe, banks and fintechs are experimenting with web-connected devices—collectively, the Internet of Things (IoT). While some experiments have worked and some have failed, their efforts offer a glimpse into what’s possible with connected devices. By Adam Oxford Legend has it that, when traveling to the Soviet Union for a concert in 1986, Russian-born, American […]

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Should community banks provide wellness benefits?

Businesses in every sector offer wellness benefits to employees, but what these programs look like and what they entail is unique to each organization. Some community banks are now using these added benefits to cut costs, attract talent or simply invest in their employees. By Elizabeth Judd If your community bank offers its employees free […]

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3 ways to protect your bank’s customer data

Community banks collect more customer data than ever before. A data security plan will ensure this valuable information is kept safe from hackers. By Mary Thorson Wright It’s a robbery that no security camera, armed guard or time-locked vault can prevent. The perpetrators are hiding behind the computer screen, and their weapons are sophisticated and […]

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High-tech, high-touch lending

Community bankers say they can get the best of both worlds by using the latest financial technology to meet the needs of customers—whether they want a digital banking experience or not. By Beth Mattson-Teig Community bankers are increasingly having to manage a balancing act: How do they expand their digital lending platforms to give the […]

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How community banks cross language barriers

To better reach everyone in their communities, many community banks seek to cross language and cultural barriers by making transactions in other languages or by offering services that appeal to immigrants. By William Atkinson Many community banks across the country serve their customers and attract new customers by speaking their language. Some banks are located […]