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7 benefits that will make your bank stand out

7 benefits that will make your bank stand out

Today’s competitive labor market means employers have to stand out from the pack. One strategy community banks can use is a well-rounded benefits package. Here are seven benefits that community banks have put in place to recruit and retain workers.

How to uncover revenue opportunities with data

Community banks are sitting on years of institutional data about their customers. Experts say putting that data to use can help community bankers make strategic decisions to better tailor their services and boost profitability.

Is CRE lending bouncing back?

Commercial real estate lenders had a stellar year in 2019, but the pandemic hurt that momentum. According to experts and the latest data, however, some sectors of the CRE lending market are beginning to move full steam ahead, and deposit-laden community banks, like Cadence Bank, are primed to fulfill that demand.

What’s a special-purpose credit program?

In an effort to help financial institutions expand access to credit, the CFPB recently addressed regulatory uncertainty around special-purpose credit programs, or SPCPs. These programs are intended to help those who would not otherwise have access to credit.

What young borrowers want in the loan journey

Younger borrowers have different expectations when it comes to how they bank and do business. The needs of these digital-first customers are leading some community banks to prioritize digital loan processes that make the loan journey more efficient.