What’s a special-purpose credit program?

In an effort to help financial institutions expand access to credit, the CFPB recently addressed regulatory uncertainty around special-purpose credit programs, or SPCPs. These programs are intended to help those who would not otherwise have access to credit.

Chief risk officers on how they manage today’s risks

The more community banks grow, the more risk they take on. Chief risk officers are the ones behind the scenes making growth possible. Four CROs sound off on their increasingly important role within community banks.

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Make sure you’re prepared for personnel issues

Like any business, community banks run into scenarios involving disciplining or even letting go of employees due to errors or inappropriate workplace behavior. Here’s what experts say to do in these often difficult situations, while also staying compliant.

Where does your bank get legal advice?

Community banks are complex organizations with a multitude of liabilities. That’s why having sound legal advice from a firm or general counsel is increasingly necessary. Here’s what to consider when hiring a firm or internal legal professional.

The advertising regulations you need to know

Like any business marketing its products and services, a community bank must keep its advertising truthful. There are plenty of regulations specific to financial institutions under the FDIC, CFPB and other regulators.

Fraudsters’ latest target? UI benefits

Criminals have stolen more than half a billion dollars by taking advantage of the surge in unemployment claims during the pandemic. Luckily, most of this money has been recovered. Here’s what you should know about this scheme.

What 2021 will mean for the CRA, PPP and more

The pandemic may have brought attention away from compliance and regulatory changes, but some of that may return this year. Regulators are weighing reforms regarding the Community Reinvestment Act, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Paycheck Protection Program and more.

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How the pandemic is affecting risk management

Because of the pandemic, experts say stress testing loan portfolios is more important than ever. But COVID-19 has changed risk management, and regulators are making accommodations amid the crisis.