2022 regulatory compliance review

While the creation of new compliance regulations was slow this year compared with years past, some regulations were implemented as expected, and some continue to evolve.

Preparing for FedNow

Instant payments is increasingly becoming an expectation for consumers, making preparations for FedNow an even higher priority. ICBA Bancard and a FedNow pilot participant discuss the coming future of payments.

Game plan for a winning audit

Are your compliance best practices in shape? From internal to external auditing, managerial oversight and proper assessment prep, these expert tips can help community banks prepare for audit season.

9 ways to manage credit risk

Effects of the pandemic and other factors creating unpredictability have changed how community banks approach their credit and lending operations. These experts share nine tips and credit risk best practices to offer stability in an ever-changing market.

Using SPCPs to target prospective loan borrowers

Last year, HUD officials announced that special purpose credit programs—through which creditors can lend to financially underserved populations—conform to federal law when certain guidelines are met. How can community banks best use SPCPs to target prospective loan borrowers?

How banks can tighten up their overdraft practices

A pair of recent reports by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns against banks abusing their overdraft practices beyond what’s lawful. Here’s how the CFPB is cracking down and what community banks can do to maintain overdraft oversight.

magnifying glass with fine print

UDAAP policy update for 2022

With a recent executive push for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to resume its enforcement efforts, we look at how banks can increase prevention, mitigate risk and, most important, maintain compliance against potential UDAAP violations.

Now is the time to prepare for the FedNow launch

The FedNow Service is launching in early 2023, giving community banks about a year to plan. Here’s how community bankers, payments experts and fintech vendors suggest using the time to prepare.