Be proactive on ADA compliance

ICBA’s online training, in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act, helps your community bank better accommodate customers with disabilities.

Detecting money mules

Ways to detect and prevent money mules

The number of money mule schemes affecting community banks is increasing, in part because of the pandemic. Here’s how two community banks are protecting their customers from falling victim to fraud.

How your bank can attract and keep diverse talent

Community banks are close to the areas they serve, so it follows that having a diverse workforce that’s representative of their communities would be part of their mission. But doing so often requires a conscious effort to attract talent of various backgrounds.

The overdraft regulations that you need to know

This past year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) fined a national bank for misinforming its accountholders about its overdraft services fees. A handful of regulations apply to banks offering overdraft programs.

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How community banks serve immigrants

When people come to live in the U.S. from other countries, they often don’t have an American credit history, identification or other typical requirements of the account-opening or loan process. But community banks are finding ways to serve this growing population while mitigating credit and compliance hurdles.

3 ways to improve your customers’ overdraft experience

SPONSORED | Make sure your customers have a 5 star overdraft experience.
Customers shouldn’t have to worry about whether their transaction will be covered. A reliable overdraft service should be easy to understand and easy to access. Here are 3 ways to ensure successful outcomes and improve overall growth for your bank.

A house of cards

Preventing and detecting mortgage fraud

Many compliance functions are needed to detect mortgage fraud, from FACTA and FCRA to the SAFE Act. Here’s a look at the requirements. By Mary Thorson-Wright Mortgage fraud criminals scheme to separate people from their money (fraud for profit) or to obtain housing (fraud for property). The FBI, which routinely investigates incidents of fraud, defines […]

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3 ways to protect your bank’s customer data

Community banks collect more customer data than ever before. A data security plan will ensure this valuable information is kept safe from hackers. By Mary Thorson Wright It’s a robbery that no security camera, armed guard or time-locked vault can prevent. The perpetrators are hiding behind the computer screen, and their weapons are sophisticated and […]