Tips for a successful PPP audit

Many community banks embraced the Paycheck Protection Program, building new relationships and deepening existing ones. While the onus of forgiveness is on the borrowers, PPP lenders need to be prepared for the program’s unique auditing challenges.

3 ways to improve your customers’ overdraft experience

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Customers shouldn’t have to worry about whether their transaction will be covered. A reliable overdraft service should be easy to understand and easy to access. Here are 3 ways to ensure successful outcomes and improve overall growth for your bank.

Twin City Bank: A leader in banking cannabis

Twin City Bank in Longview, Wash., has been serving marijuana-related businesses for more than five years, making it a veteran in such a new—and quickly growing—industry. By Katie Kuehner-Hebert Name: Twin City Bank Assets: $58 million Location: Longview, Wash. Twin City Bank in Longview, Wash., has been banking marijuana-related businesses (MRBs), also referred to as cannabis-related […]

The sixth C of credit: compliance

To boost their community bank’s compliance efforts and build trust with their regulator, loan officers may find it helpful to think about their next loan like an examiner would.

Dodd-Frank changes are easing mortgage lender headaches

For eight years, provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act have made offering home mortgages more difficult and time-consuming. But those rules are changing, creating more opportunity and competition for community banks in the mortgage market.

Washington Watch

Supreme Court upholds disparate impact theory of anti-discrimination law

Pricing for the Duration

Done efficiently, pricing commercial credits on cash flow expectations rather than loan terms sometimes provides a winning margin By Katie Kuehner-Hebert For many community banks, net interest margins are in the basement. Pricing competition for loans has been remarkably tough for years, particularly for commercial loans. “Community banks are throwing their hands up in the […]