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Rebeca Romero Rainey: We flourish in times of change

Rebeca Romero Rainey: We flourish in times of change

“When community bankers join their voices, they are a powerful force, taking the industry to new levels.” We’re in a season of unprecedented industry change, particularly when we look at faster payments. In August, the Federal Reserve announced the launch of FedNow, a round-the-clock, real-time payments and settlement service. For the first time in more […]

Preston Kennedy: Our regulatory successes

“I look forward to the compliance and regulatory achievements to come.” Back in the 1980s in my home state of Louisiana, we were faced with a lending crisis that coincided with an oil bust, real estate declines and bank closings. Regulators took a hardline approach back then, which led to very contentious relationships. But that […]

Kevin Tweddle: How to stay up to speed

By Kevin Tweddle, ICBA Many community banks are grappling with digital transformation. While advances in technology are nothing new, the speed at which these shifts are occurring can make it hard to manage. As community bankers, how do we keep up—or even get ahead—of the rapid pace of change? We at ICBA have given considerable […]

Lindsay LaNore: Ways to be a daring leader

By Lindsay LaNore, ICBA In her book Dare to Lead, author Brené Brown writes, “Daring leaders must care for and be connected to the people they lead.” It’s a simple idea but one that can’t be overstated. Again and again, studies have shown that the more invested employees are in an organization, the more productive […]

Jim Reber: Tug of war

Rate volatility can work to your community bank’s advantage. By Jim Reber, ICBA Securities Whew. In just the nine months between November 2018 and July 2019, the bond market witnessed these events: Both a hike (Dec. 19) and a cut (July 31) to overnight benchmark rates An inversion of the yield curve between one and […]

Chris Cole: Assessment credits finally paying off

It’s been a long time coming, but community banks recently received good news that deposit-insurance assessment credits are headed straight for their bottom line. By Chris Cole, ICBA The FDIC recently announced that the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) reserve ratio has reached 1.38%, triggering the distribution of approximately $764 million in assessment credits for community banks with assets […]

Rebeca Romero Rainey: Take pride in the work we do

“While community banks could certainly benefit from the tax advantages credit unions have, we flourish despite them.” There’s something about September that inspires a focus on priorities. Maybe it’s a throwback to back-to-school, or perhaps I’m gearing up for the switch of seasons. But come September, I spend some time reflecting on where I stand […]

Preston Kennedy: You can’t afford not to be a member

“The value of ICBA membership extends beyond dollars and cents.” Over my 40-plus years as a community banker, I have developed countless budgets, and they still come down to this fundamental principle: We must efficiently allocate our limited resources. Take ICBA membership. When I first became the CEO of a community bank 25 years ago, I […]

Kevin Tweddle: How to pick a winning fintech partner

By Kevin Tweddle, ICBA Partnerships between fintechs and banks are accelerating, which is positive news for community banks. Strategic fintech partnerships can give community banks a competitive advantage, strengthen the customer experience and, ultimately, improve the customer relationship. Community banks have a keen sense of banking and the regulatory environment, and they have a strong […]

Jim Reber: Shop talk, part three

Our conversation with a community banker continues. By Jim Reber, ICBA Securities “Jim Reber speaking.” “Hi, Jim, this is Charlie Brown with Community Trust Bank. How are you?” “Hi, Charlie, I’m fine! How are things at the bank?” “I hope I’m not jinxing us, but it’s hard to imagine things going better. We keep getting these […]