Robert Fisher, Chairman ICBA

Robert Fisher: Education is the foundation

Educated customers form stronger relationships with their community banks. They are more likely to repay loans, live within their means and maintain higher balances.

Lindsay LaNore: Creative teambuilding

Sometimes teambuilding gets a bad rap, and busy schedules can keep it from reaching the top of the priority list, but it is something every leader should have in their repertoire.

Charles Potts: Integrating cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an integral part of a community bank’s strategic and innovation initiatives. Moving it from the department of “no” to the department of “how can we do this better?” is a necessary cultural shift for community banks that will serve them well in today’s environment.

Robert Fisher, Chairman ICBA

Robert Fisher: A legacy of good

It’s our responsibility to help make our communities better places to live, to help pull people out of poverty and address issues they’re facing.

Lindsay LaNore: Lake rules for the workplace

Summer is winding down, and the nights are drawing in. The kids are heading back to school, and those of us who are parents are settling into a new routine. It’s time for a return to structure, schedule, discipline—and rules.