Ensure your community bank is inclusive

For a workplace to be truly inclusive, its employees should feel accepted for who they are and valued for their unique perspectives and backgrounds. We asked community bankers and experts for their advice on ensuring employees feel a sense of belonging.

Success stories of Black-owned banks and their customers

After a long history of systemic economic oppression, Black-owned banks are playing a key role in improving the economic fortunes of their communities. We asked both community bankers and their customers about what this positive change looks like, as it was in the past, as it is in the present and as it will be in the future.

Andrew West, Danielle Peterson, and Bryon Miller

Overcoming banking hurdles for Native American customers

Native American customers living on tribal lands have historically been redlined and ignored by the mainstream financial system. Native-owned community banks have been there to serve these communities by providing critical access to banking services and credit.

How your bank can attract and keep diverse talent

Community banks are close to the areas they serve, so it follows that having a diverse workforce that’s representative of their communities would be part of their mission. But doing so often requires a conscious effort to attract talent of various backgrounds.

Where does your bank get legal advice?

Community banks are complex organizations with a multitude of liabilities. That’s why having sound legal advice from a firm or general counsel is increasingly necessary. Here’s what to consider when hiring a firm or internal legal professional.

The overdraft regulations that you need to know

This past year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) fined a national bank for misinforming its accountholders about its overdraft services fees. A handful of regulations apply to banks offering overdraft programs.

Why we need Black-owned banks

Black-owned community banks have a long history of serving Americans historically left out of the mainstream banking system. Many well-established community banks continue this legacy today, but one troubling trend has emerged in the past two decades: The number of Black-owned banks is steadily declining. How can the industry advocate for change to help these banks—and their customers—thrive?

Carlos Herrera and Josefa Ruiz

How community banks serve immigrants

When people come to live in the U.S. from other countries, they often don’t have an American credit history, identification or other typical requirements of the account-opening or loan process. But community banks are finding ways to serve this growing population while mitigating credit and compliance hurdles.

Fraudsters’ latest target? UI benefits

Criminals have stolen more than half a billion dollars by taking advantage of the surge in unemployment claims during the pandemic. Luckily, most of this money has been recovered. Here’s what you should know about this scheme.