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ICBA’s 2021/22 executive committee: Close the distance

ICBA’s 2021/22 executive committee: Close the distance

The 2021/22 ICBA executive committee understands that community banks are at a turning point due to changing customer expectations and the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. They tell us why technology and grassroots advocacy are critical to a thriving industry.

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Is recovery on the horizon for small businesses?

The pandemic has put many small businesses through a gauntlet of challenges. Some have relied on their relationships with community banks to stay open, keep employees or maintain growth. While some sectors of the economy are still struggling, the vaccination rollout means many small businesses are planning for a swift recovery thanks to their ingenuity and perseverance—and help from community banks.

Election 2020: How will community banks fare?

After a rollercoaster year, the 2020 election will offer its own twists and turns as it relates to power in the White House and on Capitol Hill. But what do all the potential election outcomes mean for community banks? Here, ICBA’s political experts prognosticate what the regulatory environment could look like depending on who is in power after Election Day.