Will new CRA rules affect your community bank?

In May, a trio of federal legislative groups proposed a series of updates to guidelines under the Community Reinvestment Act. How do CRA lenders feel about these proposed changes, and what will be the results when they take effect?

Insights from ICBA Capital Summit 2022

In May, more than 400 community bankers attended the ICBA Capital Summit, where they not only learned about critical legislative issues but also met with lawmakers to discuss these issues. We spoke with some of them to get their insights on advocating for the industry.

Aaron Stetter: ICBA’s fall legislative outlook

Legislation addressing everything from farm lending to credit union overreach is set to go before Congress this autumn. Now’s the time to make your voice heard on the issues that affect community banks and their customers

How to reach customers with disabilities

Some people living with disabilities eschew banking services because they feel financially underserved or physically barred. Through sensitive customer service, affordable products and ADA-compliant accessibility, community banks can make them feel welcomed and accommodated.

Jenna Burke: Leading the climate risk charge

As lawmakers and regulatory bodies discuss their approach to managing climate-related rules, disclosures and oversight, ICBA pushes back against regulations that could prove disadvantageous to community banks, advocating for alternative measures.

Ensure your community bank is inclusive

For a workplace to be truly inclusive, its employees should feel accepted for who they are and valued for their unique perspectives and backgrounds. We asked community bankers and experts for their advice on ensuring employees feel a sense of belonging.