Out of Office: Adrianne Brignac-Gradney

Adrianne Brignac-Gradney creates online content on everything from hair to mortgages. Photo by Lee G. Photo

For the past eight years, the vice president and branch manager at $888 million-asset Evangeline Bank and Trust Company in Ville Platte, La., has been creating beauty, lifestyle and banking content on social media.

I started off doing YouTube videos, and I went viral on coloring my hair red in 2015. So that gave me quite a bit of following during that time … I did not see a lot of representation of natural hair on social media. So, for me, being a Black woman, I just kind of wanted to take the initiative to put myself out there … I wanted to have a presence online of being in corporate while still enjoying your natural hair and being accepted in corporate America.

I’ve tried everything from home: different detergents to hair products to makeup products. And for me, I always try to give honest reviews that if it didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it’s not gonna work for you.

I don’t really have a niche per se now. I still do hair stuff, but I’m not boxed into this one thing. And I have even been incorporating more mortgage products. I have a whole mortgage page as well where I talk about the different products for mortgages—what do you need for a down payment, the different types of products, conventional FHA—just to broaden my horizons.

I always want to make sure that whatever I’m creating, people are enjoying it. Otherwise, I’m just spinning my wheels and not growing and not engaging. I never want to become a nuisance to my followers; I want to be able to always keep them engaged and keep them wanting more.

—Tarra Willox